Dear Josh,It is quite hard to place the animal-creature, plant-animal, plant-plant dating with the a system formulated by the human beings

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Dear Josh,It is quite hard to place the animal-creature, plant-animal, plant-plant dating with the a system formulated by the human beings

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Dear Josh,It is quite hard to place the animal-creature, plant-animal, plant-plant dating with the a system formulated by the human beings

Dear Lindsay,The newest Message board is more than simply a support line. Check the general Information list and discover records getting Symbiosis and you may parasitism. You can also use the Lookup option and find even more records and you may advice.

Rudman, W.B., 2001 (Jan 24)ment toward Mutualism and symbiosis because of the Lindsay Jennings. [Content in] Ocean Slug Community forum. Australian Museum, Quarterly report. Made available from

From: Sutha

I’m high school student out-of Malaysia. I would like to know more about symbiosis certainly varieties doing united states in detail end up in we have got a task in order to hand-more than. Really i do want to become familiar with the process and you will exemplory instance of those types.

Precious Sutha,I’m scared I am unable to mention symbiosis when you look at the higher outline however, I can give you some examples discovered between the sea slugs.

There are various instances in general away from a couple of bacteria residing in close association together. Biologists used to offer brands in order to and you can identify specific advice away from ‘living together’ instance ‘symbiosis’ and you may ‘mutualism’ and you will ‘parasitism’ but it’s been hard to discover where one kind of connection finishes and something initiate. It is probably best to remember these types of connectivity as an ingredient off a standard continuum ranging from free-way of life system one to count on anyone else having food, so you’re able to a few organisms that will not endure except if he or she is usually together such as the algal and yeast components of lichens.

Prior to I have as well challenging, there are a number of very good types of what we essentially phone call ‘symbiosis’ located within opisthobranchs.

• Specific herbivorous sacoglossan sea slugs, will keep the fresh chloroplasts about algae it consume real time and you will functional inside their government, where it photosynthesise, creating sugars or any other carbs that slugs can use to have their particular nutrients.• Some aeolid nudibranchs prey on water anemones and you will smooth corals and therefore features symbiotic you to definitely-celled plant life [zooxanthellae] inside their government. The newest aeolids ‘steal’ these zooxanthellae and maintain him or her real time within individual authorities similar to the sacoglossans.

When you yourself have a look at the web page into Solar Driven Water Slugs there clearly was information on this type of animals and you may links to many other users with increased information.

• For many who look at the photos at the top of which webpage you will see a couple crustacea which may be discovered lifestyle towards sea slugs.• Look at the fresh page to the Gymnodoris nigricolor hence lifetime which have fishes of one’s Goby loved ones, hanging to, and you will appear to ingested the fins.

Have a glance at the messages below your very own on this page. You will find info and you can conversation into symbiosis here.


I am a primary season sheer money technical beginner. I’ve been requested to type upwards a tiny point to your any of the around three sort of symbiosis . I do want to know if you can give me personally that otherwise a few types of commensalistic symbiosis (where that person in the relationship masters additionally the almost every other are indifferent).

To begin with, for each and every relationships could be quite more as well as other there are probably examples and therefore straddle a number of the borders anywhere between other ‘states’.

See the two advice towards the top of the latest Symbiosis Page, that we consider satisfy their criteria, and read a few of the texts lower than. Have a glance at the Solar-pushed Sea Slugs Webpage. I don’t know whether the relationship between unmarried-celled vegetation additionally the nudibranchs suits the group or otherwise not. Really don’t thought we realize yet , perhaps the zooxanthellae may survive because the totally free-living plants.

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