This was the following day one to Kol met the woman, while the First Competition off Geonosis

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This was the following day one to Kol met the woman, while the First Competition off Geonosis

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This was the following day one to Kol met the woman, while the First Competition off Geonosis

Whenever you are going through the newest injury lay by the Sith magician Diviki, Kol carry out temporarily become changed to your Kamino of the a beneficial Togruta Jedi Padawan called Aria Ortara-Montari. Right now Kol was in the fresh clinic which have (during the time) his miracle girlfreind, Ahsoka Tano, whom was in fact talking toward their data recovery. Kol himself are shocked observe his dated friend Competition regarding Shili [ ]

Shortly after recovering from his wounds, the brand new Jedi Council received an urgent content from the world regarding Shili. Kol was in an interviewing the brand new council with the their present missions, and on just how he was feeling, to which at the time would-be in the event the content emerged in. An early on Togrutan lady, who had been a buddy of Kol, as he went to Shili before the start of Clone Conflicts. Kol noticed that the Droid Army got invaded society, because it seemed like the ultimate location to install a great Separatist foot. Focusing on how urgent it had been, and since he had Togrutan members of the family, Kol called Ahsoka and you can Aria and advised them to visited the fresh Council’s head office, and also to perhaps not inquire. Arriving at the brand new Jedi Council, Kol advised their two Togruta loved ones to obtain their troopers ready to have these were all the heading to Shili, getting that they had in order to free worldwide regarding Separatists manage. Aria questioned Kol, on what the problem try, but the guy told you he wasn’t sure on alert is clipped off, and had to find indeed there immediately, to own a friend of his, is depending on the 3. The 3 Jedi ruling all their troops went with the entire world, however, came across intense opposition in proportions. Together with Master Fixz, Kol provided his soldiers against the droids in dimensions, to have Ahsoka and Aria to home towards planet. Suffering light casualties, the new mission succeeded, in which Kol’s left troops of 152nd Legion got into the the world along with their two most other squads contributed of the the a few commanders. Getting properly, together with survivors in proportions, Kol, Ahsoka and Aria provided its soldiers resistant to the droid armies stationed with the Shili. In numbers this new droid army delivered several tanks and therefore provided problems on the about three Jedi. Kol told his a couple of companions to see new eastern, while he taken care of the brand new clankers. Facing their strategies, Kol shouted angrily in the two and you will told him or her it could become only way so you’re able to free the entire world in addition to Togrutas. Listening, Ahsoka and you may Aria went off to your eastern, and you may came across not many droids. Kol, by using the Force, raised upwards several tanks and you will criticized them towards several droids destroying them. Putting on advantage, Kol and you can soldiers outdone the droids, despite delivering modest losses. Kol, together with his left guys after that ran out-of to assist the a couple of Jedi commanders.

Releasing the prisoners and Skirmish in dimensions [ ]

Aiding their one or two members of the family who have been under hefty flame, the three Jedi managed to reach the communities which were kept

Aria fundamentally noticed Kol’s visibility in edges of one’s Push once more in advance of entering Kol’s area, to which shocked the woman

captive. Destroying the rest droids, Kol, Ahsoka and you can Aria freed brand new captured villagers. About audience an early Togrutan lady emerged and you may went so you’re able to hug Kol. Kol try happy to see he, for it is one of his true youngest family unit members, who was an excellent youngling. Kol requested the girl in the event the she was alright so you’re able to wo which she answered that she are. At that time Kol recieved an email from Standard Grievous advising him that if the guy failed to give-up, he would release the frustration away from his armed forces. Although the latest droids was basically beneath the demand regarding an excellent tactical droid, Kol did not require this new Togrutas locate harm. Kol informed Gieivous he carry out except if he beated your within the a duel, and when Kol acquired, this new droids must get off. Grievous extra when he obtained, Kol, his clones and his friends need certainly to stop trying. Kol acknowledged it and you can oriented of to help you space in order to confront new General. Kol arrived in his cruiser vessel The newest Huntsman, in which the guy saw several lifeless clones. When the guy turned Kol noticed the general. Per ignited its blades

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